Thursday, March 29, 2012

2011 NCAA Basketball Rankings, Condensed

I condensed things to a quick & easy chart because I'm kinda lazy. Well, as lazy as a guy who spends his time creating elaborate spreadsheets for a barely-viewed blog can be.

If you're new to the site or have forgotten how this started, click here. Also, there's been a scoring update listed here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Powersliding in right under the deadline, 2011 results incoming

Picture this: it's 3 months ago & I'm sitting in my living room, in t-shirt & boxers, lazily dozing off in front of mid-season NCAA basketball. Go ahead, marinate on that image. Do it. DO IT. Between one of my 10-minute catnaps, I realize I should update the rankings to reflect the 2011 tournament results. About 4 catnaps later, I start digging around and come to the realization that the spreadsheet I used to tally all the info is nowhere to be found. Laptop? Nope. Other laptop? Nope. Work laptop? Nope. Also, I have too many laptops. It's ridiculous that a technology invented to be portable never leaves the same wall outlet because I'm apparently able to invent even more ways to be lazy. They could invent a pair of sunglasses that I could control with my mind & I'd buy one pair for the living room & another pair for the office. ANYWHO. No spreadsheet = no rankings because that thing took more work than is reasonably defensible for a blog nobody reads. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Fast forward to yesterday: HEY LOOK, I OWN FLASH DRIVES. AND THOSE FLASH DRIVES CONTAIN FILES. ONE OF THOSE FILES - alright, that's far too much caps lock - one of those files was the mythical spreadsheet. Score! I guess what I'm saying is: I've got the 2011 results tabulated & will be posting them in condensed form before the 2012 Final Four starts on Saturday. Well, if I don't take a nap or twelve beforehand.

One note about the scoring: I've incremented all point values by one. Why? So I could give those who make the play-in games a point for getting into the field of 68 because they apparently decided to start making some noise in the tournament(thanks a lot, Shaka). It's an imperfect answer, but it's also an easy one and I think we've established where I come down on the 'easy v. thorough' debate. If you notice a different score from teams that didn't make the tourney this year, this is why. Or maybe I'm bad at math. It could be either.

Updated scoring:
65-68 = 1
Round of 64 = 2
Round of 32 = 3
Sweet 16 = 4
Elite 8 = 5
Final 4 = 7
Championship Game = 8
NCAA Title = 10