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2010 NCAA Basketball Rankings, part 3: #11 - 15

#15(tie): Arkansas

(Mascot, or Homecoming Queen? That's a trick question, it's both.)

Points: 49
NCs: 1(1994)
Final Fours: 3(1990, 1994, 1995)
Made the NCAAs: 65.39%

Next up in our list is possibly the most prominent of the teams that are living on past glory. If you had done this list in 1998, Arkansas would be in the top 5. Alas, the glory days of '40 Minutes of Hell' are long gone; perhaps hiring Mike Anderson back to the program will revitalize a derailed program. I kinda hope not, but that's my old SWC bias showing. Damn you, Oliver Miller.

#15(tie): Maryland

(Finally, two good reasons to root for Maryland.)

Points: 49
NCs: 1(2002)
Final Fours: 2(2001, 2002)
Made the NCAAs: 65.39%

Maryland essentially had a good run from '94 - '02 that carried them to this spot. Gary Williams is also living off that run as well, because they haven't made it out of the 1st weekend since 2002. One has to wonder when Gary's good will with the Terps' faithful is going to run out because they simply haven't performed well in 8 years now.

#14: Florida

(I'm going to Hell for this one, but you are too for snickering at it.)

Points: 50
NCs: 2(2006, 2007)
Final Fours: 4(1994, 2000, 2006, 2007)
Made the NCAAs: 57.69%

I've been to the state of Florida a few times for work & I'm amazed the obesity epidemic isn't worse than it already is. If I was around that much Cuban food all the time I'd weigh 3 bills, easy. I don't think there's a single dish they're unwilling to top with a fried egg and/or garlic mayo. I think my cholesterol went up 5 points just reminiscing. Florida's a roller coaster of a tourney team; between 1999 to 2010 they had 2 national titles, a 3rd Final Four, 6 1st weekend exits, and missed the tournament entirely twice. Florida has to give bookies the shakes.

#13: Oklahoma

(I wanted to post a picture of Kelvin Sampson's phone records, but the picture was too long.)

Points: 51
NCs: 0
Final Fours: 2(1988, 2002)
Made the NCAAs: 76.92%

Normally I'd love nothing more than to hammer away on a hated rival, but I almost feel bad for them. After Blake Griffin took his dunkapalooza to the next level, they've been in a somewhat self-induced tailspin. Between sub-par recruiting classes, 'alleged' NCAA violations which led to massive player defections, and the fanbase's sudden realization that - along with his inability to grow a goatee better than a 14 year old Hispanic girl - Jeff Capel wasn't really a particularly good coach, it's been a rough go of things for the Sooner faithful. Keep your double chins up, Sooner fans...maybe the 2nd coaching hire from VCU will be better than the 1st.

#12: Georgetown

(What? Technically, it *is* a Hoya.)

Points: 52
NCs: 0
Final Fours: 2(1985, 2007)
Made the NCAAs: 65.39%

Georgetown's yearly average is exactly 2 points, meaning on an average year they win their 1st round game & get bounced. Before I started this little project, I never would have thought Georgetown's results were so predictably mediocre..though as of late mediocre would be an improvement. Since 1997 they've missed the field of 64 eight times, easily the most of any team in the top 15. The Final Four in '07 is a good turn of events, but an aberration based on the data.

#11: Indiana

(How many times do you think Jimmer Fredette has violated the BYU honor code to this movie?)

Points: 54
NCs: 1(1987)
Final Fours: 3(1987, 1992, 2002)
Made the NCAAs: 80.77%

I know Bob Knight's (rightfully) considered one of the best college coaches of all-time, but consider this: in his last 13 years Indiana made one Final Four but lost in the 1st round six times. They only made it out of the 1st weekend 5 times in his last 13 years, none of them in his last 6 years at Indiana.

#10 - #6 tomorrow... 

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